Moxie Girlz Basic Dollpack - Sophina with Darling rag Doll

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Our Moxie Girlz Doll - Sophina with Darling Rag Doll is a must have for Moxie fans! LexaTM. SophinaTM. and AveryTM are wearing cool outfits that show off their individuality! Warm. thoughtful. and caring. Sophina is always thinking about the world around her. She believes anyone can make a difference if they really want to.Sophina dreams of being a famous songwriter one day. She has a great memory and is very imaginative. She loves to travel. camp and hike and then write stories & songs about her adventures! Sophina's friends love her because she is a great listener. and she's always there when you need her. Sophina Likes:writing...songwriting especially. traveling. camping and nature girl. adventure. getting involved. being there when her friends need her! Sophina Dislikes: Text Messages...they're too short. Long emails and phone calls are way better! Managing her money. bugs...but don't tell anybody. cafeteria uncreative. bad manners. and when her friends are out of town and she has nobody to hang out with. Breaking into the fashion doll scene. Moxie Girlz. are ready to help empower girls to express themselves with courage. determination and energy. Every girl has the strength to do something amazing. Anything is possible as long as you stay true to yourself and never give up on your dreams! What is Moxie 1. Positive attitude and confidence. 2. The courage to go for it. 3. Energy in everything you do. A Moxie Girl is full of energy and self-confidence. She's unique. bright. empowered. brave. and stylish. Moxie Girlz can do anything! Features Your Moxie Girlz wears a cool fashion outfit with accessories!
Età minima: 60 mesi
Pile necessarie: No
Descrizione del prodotto: 1 bambola Moxie Girlz che assume il suo look con la sua figura personalizzata.3 modelli assortiti.Bambola 26 cm.Dai 5 anni.
Contenuto della confezione: 1 bambola

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