Indikart Export Arihant Gems & Jewels Brown Certified 7 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha Silver Non-Precious Metal Pendant for Men

Modello: 00081316


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Seven Mukhi Rudraksha Is A Symbol Of Goddess Mahalaxmi. The Wearer Is Blessed With Good Health. Wealth And New Opportunities. Seven Mukhi Denotes Seven Forms Of Laxmi. It Removes The Miseries. Bad-Luck And Misfortune. The Wearer Progresses Steadily In Life With Name. Fame And Abundance. It Provides Such An Immense Knowledge To The Wearer That He Proves Incomparable In Group Discussions In The Meeting. At The Time Of Wearing This Bead One Should Chant The Mantra - Aum Mahalakshmi Namah
Seven Mukhi Certified 'Nepali Rudraksha'.
Ruling Planet Is 'Venus' And Ruling God Is 'Mahalaxmi'.
It Can Be Made In Gold. Silver And Panchdahtu.
The Shape Of This Bead Is Round And Color Is Brown.
Recommends To Regulate The Functioning Of Digestive System. Cures Indigestion. Stress. Depression And Hyperacidity.